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Red Robin - Photinia robusta compacta - is a robust Evergreen shrub which has glossy green leaves, white flowers and will grow brilliant crimson shoots. This variety is a compact form of Photinia which only reaches 1m in height, and can grow well in a mixed border or container.  It can grow up to 30cm (1ft) a year, so keep it under control by shortening stems up to 15cm (6in), cutting just above an outward-facing bud.

It prefers fertile, moist, well-drained soil in sun or partial shade, as the young shoots can become scorched if grown in an exposed position. It can tolerate even clay as long as it has been improved by incorporating well-rotted compost or manure.

Photinias require minimal pruning, but will benefit from the occasional trim in spring and summer to keep the shape of the plant under control. Avoid trimming after mid-August, since any new growth would be vulnerable to autumn frosts.

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